Dhall Gemini Capsule Generator

Today I procrastinated my more important projects and duties to finally write a site generator for this capsule.

First I did a little research on Atom, and came across this gem on IndieWeb:

The RSS Atom wars (or syndication wars) were a toxic plumbing debate about the merits of using Atom vs RSS that dragged in and distracted numerous high level web technologists from 2003-2007 while social silos (Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, etc.) emerged, rapidly innovated UX, and thus gained popular adoption.


Right. Then I looked at the Atom format RFC.


I didn't have the patience to actually read it, so I looked at the example on page 3 and then wrote a Dhall type for that. Then wrote an XML generator.


Dhall Atom

I recreated the example on page 3 and fed that into the W3C validator and with a few tweaks it passed. I can read the other 40 pages some other day.


Now I can start writing my generator. I import the Atom library and define my type for posts:

Fill out some Article records using "import … at Text" to read files into Text items:

Fill out an Atom.Feed.Type:

Generate a Molly-Brown configuration:

I interpolate the index.gmi text with links to the articles, and then generate a list of `{ mapKey : Text, mapValue : Text }` tuples that Dhall will translate into a directory of files. I prepend each text with a title that I define in my list of articles:

I run `dhall to-directory-tree` and then rsync the results to my server.

That's it.

The complete implementation is here:



Validate my current feed

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