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Order Of The Shadow Wolf CyBeRzInE

SoCiEtIes ArCh NeMeSiS CyBeRpUnK E-ZiNe Issue #1 January 2014


Welcome to the first issue of ORDER OF THE SHADOW WOLF, a cyberpunk e-zine in true original text format. This is how e-zines looked before the dawn of the internet in the 1980s and early 1990s. They were distributed via BBS's (Bulletin Board Systems check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRap7uw9iWI for a cool documentary on this subject with lots of hot guyz).


People would download these e-zines on their 300 baud modems and read them on their monochrome green screens late at night. Difficult to imagine now but doing this felt like the most exciting thing in the world, surrounded by a mystique of hacker romanticism and being a cyberpunk pioneer. It was a time when your mum and retarded jock cousin weren't on the internet, even more hardcore...you were probably the only person in your whole town or area logged into cyberspace!

These E-zines were text files written by Hackers, freaks, nerds, Sci-Fi fans, outcasts, psychotic weirdos, mad dealers and kindred folk, about what was happening in their lives, to reach out to other people with similar interests, lonely people scattered around the world connecting in CYBERSPACE and creating their own micro cultures around their hobbies and beliefs. Most of these e-zines would be about hacking and anarchic subjects. They would have cool names like MAGIK (Master Anarchists Giving Illicit Knowledge) MINDCRIME, The Scrolls of Serenia, HAKD (Ho'z ASCII Anarchy Komputerz and Drugz), SURFPUNK Technical Journal, some of them like the legendary PHRACK and HEX40 magazines still exist today.

I always wanted to make a cyberzine like those, especially nowadays were it seems that all these original romantic vibes of the cyberpunk/space world are falling apart with corporate institutions dumbing everything down. CYBERSPACE is not facebook, twitter, LinkedIn or your google+ prison which scans every fart you make to sell you more useless stuff you don't need for your consumer selfie "look at me I am so happy" lifestyle. CYBERSPACE extends all over the place, lightyears removed from your lolcatz and facebook likes...a transcendental hyperreality matrix from seedy little corners only visited by enlightened freaks to an infinite world of clandestine knowledge that extends into infinity without CONTROL

Anyways...a few weeks ago I decided to finally make this society arch nemesis cyberzine, compiling all kinds of articles written by me and my close associates. Subjects range from Music & production, obsolete computers, occult sciences, movies, xenology to anything remotely connected or in between these things and beyond. I hope we can make this cyberzine at least each quarter of the year and if possible even monthly...without much further ado I present you the first issue of ORDER OF THE SHADOW WOLF!

Have fun and may the knowledge presented in these bytes aid you on your life's path

My name is S.Hadow Wolf and I am a CYBERPUNK...ARE YOU ONE TOO!??!?!

The Order Of The Shadow Wolf is an international organization with no borders, above the law, operating under the radar, real hardcore FREAKS, gangsters of the MIND ---> your parents and societies worst nightmare!!!

My international accomplices in crime:

Myster E.Malik, Data Thor, Clendon Toblerone, Trollius Magnus-Basketcase, Adeptus of BlAcK AnGeL CrEw, PhOcHoS of Orion and Judas Goldstein

If u want to join the Order Of The Shadow Wolf and share your knowledge with the rest of the world about any subject please write ur article, tips, letters poems, short stories, ascii art (real txt format no converter cheating!) reviews, reports, journals whatever u want and I will include it in the next issue. PLEASE mail to: editor (a t ) shadowwolf.net





Introducing Jos Lieferink a.k.a PHOCHOS, He might look like the most bad ass skilled hacker in the business but he is not...PHOCHOS is an amateur astronomer and electronic musician from The Hague Holland.

Since the late 1970s he has been producing and releasing an incredible number of CD's and tapes, mostly on his own private Orion records label. Phochos has long been a treasured secret, hidden from the general public in a maze of porch housing in the Laak neighborhood of The Hague, Holland. Phochos is a colorful, slightly eccentric personality who has achieved a cult status in the underground electronic music scene all over the world. Having no boundaries in style nor any regard what people think of him....he is mostly known for his deep cosmic ambient projects but he just as well might make some vocal pop trance, caribean cocktail music, melancholic detroit techno or even a smacked out tape smudged Ron Hardy style Chicago edit.

In 2012 disaster struck when a devastating fire burned down his house and studio, destroying a lot of synthesizers, master tapes and his personal music collection. Resilient and determined Phochos raised from the ashes like a phoenix and rebuild his W.A.H. (Work At Home) studio and started producing music again. He is currently on an unstoppable momentum releasing at least one album each month!

We had the honor to interview Phochos; the "heavy-weight champion of cosmic space music"((C)6-trak) and ask him some questions about his career and music.

S.Hadow Wolf meets up with Jos on a rainy afternoon at the snack corner of the Megastores, Holland's biggest indoor mall mostly abandoned since it opening in 2000. We order 2 bakkies pleur (The Hague slang for coffee) and start the interview:

Shadowwolf: How did you start composing your music, electronic music wasn't something ordinary to be interested in during the 1970s?

Phochos: I started in 1977 with a Magnus Electric Organ (a "chord" organ from New Jersey America, popular with ambient musicians). I mostly replayed songs from Jean Michel Jarre and I played a little bit of guitar and flute. I recorded these songs with a very simple cassette recorder. I mostly listened to Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Klaus Schulze and Kraftwerk....but I also symphonic rock like Genesis, Pink Floyd, Kayak, Camel and stuff like Rick Wakeman and Emerson Lake & Palmer.

Shadowwolf: So how did you came in contact with electronic music exactly?

Phochos: My brother had the Oxygene cassette-tape from Jarre, Thats where I first heard it...He always tells me that he is the culprit that got me into this music. I also heard it on the radio, there was this show called Walhalla on the VPRO dutch state radio.

Shadowwolf: Your first release was a cassette called "Atmosphere/Touch-Inn" released in 1985 under the "Work of Honour" alias. I've never heard this release could you tell us a little about it?

Phochos: Atmosphere/Touch-Inn was mainly inspired by the music of Adelbert Von Deyen. I used a Casio synthesizer and a Yamaha MK100 Work station, recording on a Fostex X26 4 track cassette recorder. I made some stuff under the "Work of Honour" name before but this was, I guess, the first "professional" release. Around 60 copies were made, I sold them and gave them away as promotional copies.

Shadowwolf: What kind of equipment did you use in the 1980s? did you use sequencers?

Phochos: Too much to mention, but to give you slight impression: Yamaha ME30 , Viscount CX3, Yamaha DX27, DX100, Korg MS10, MS20, Polysix, Roland SH101, Juno 1, Siel DK70, Yamaha PSR600, Roland D20, Casio SK1, SK5 samplers, Casio MT240 and a lot more stuff I forgot about.

I would record everything track by track, first the drums and the sequence parts, then strings and choirs, effects and as last track the solo synthesizers.

Shadowwolf: When did you start using a computer?

Phochos: My first computer was a Yamaha MSX CM5X music computer, i used the build in sequencer software, later I got an Atari 1040STE with Cubase.

Shadowwolf: Did you play a lot of games on your computer?

Phochos: I always played them, mostly snooker and pool games and car racing games like Formula 1 simulators.

Shadowwolf: Where does the name Phochos come from?

Phochos: Phochos is a composition of two words, the moon Phobos and a Tangerine Album called Logos. I changed the G of Logos into CH and replaced the B from Phobos with it...resulting in Phochos.

Shadowwolf: As an amateur astronomer Space travel and Astronomy play an important role in your music, what are your favorite subjects of these fields?

Phochos: My favorite Space Travel subject is the unmanned space exploration... the planetary and deep space probes and the astronomical research satellites. I get shivers when I see a rocket launch, I always watch the live broadcasts of the launches from Kourou (The European Space Agency's spaceport in French Guiana). I am also interested in the planets, the moons, the sun, cosmology and the creation of the universe.

Shadowwolf: Do you believe in extraterrestrial life? Aliens, Reptilians or have you ever seen a UFO in your astronomical stargazing?

Phochos: I do believe in extraterrestrial life, but not as aliens are normally depicted in science fiction movies etc. These aliens look too much like humans and I just don't believe their evolution would be the same as on earth...it could be that somewhere far away in space intelligent sponges exist or something else, something we can't comprehend.

Shadowwolf: In 1987 your started a new project called "Mindsearch"... tell us about that...

Phochos: When I was at Highschool me and a friend started dabbling with electronic music which resulted in the mindsearch project a few years later. But it got horrible reviews in the KLEM magazine(a famous dutch electronic music paper zine in the 1980s). Later this project became Mindsearch's Revenge, fueled by a vengefulness drive against the KLEM review, to show we could do better.

Shadowwolf: In the 1990s you mainly focused on the PHOCHOS projects, did the new 90s technology change a lot in your way of working?

Phochos: I started to use the Atari 1040STE with Cubase and in the late 90s a PC with Cubase. Instrument-wise a lot of workstation synthesizers like the Yamaha PSR2700, Technics WSA1, Korg 01W/FD, Yamaha B200 and Roland D20

Shadowwolf: You call yourself "A Berlin School Producer" (Berlin School = the style of electronic music that grew out of Krautrock in the 1970s with very synthetic sequencer-laden trippy riffs like Klaus Schulze, Ashra etc.) Is this your favorite music? Have you ever been in Berlin in that time?

Phochos: yes this is my favorite music, my heart lies with the Berlin School with a lot of sequencer riffs. Besides Schulze there is Adelbert Von Deyen, Tangerine Dream, Conrad Schnitzler, Wolfgang Duren and Rolf Trostel. I have never been in Berlin.

Shadowwolf: Adelbert Von Deyen, didn't he paint some cover art for your albums?

Phochos: Adelbert Von Deyen is my biggest example. I asked him if we could work together but he stopped making music for now, so then I just asked if I could use some of his paintings as my cover art and he said yes.

Shadowwolf: Did you ever perform live?

Phochos: Once, in 1987 in The Hague, but it wasn't a big success. I was too nervous and didn't prepare it very well. Despite that I got an applause from the small crowd, around 15 people.

Shadowwolf: Are there any synthesizers you would like to own in the future?

Phochos: Yes sure, the ARP 2600, Minimoog, Andromeda, Phatty Moog and the new mini Korg MS20.

We asked some Phochos' fans on the internet if they had some questions for him:

Matt Groody: Do you have a favorite snack in the studio?

Phochos: If I am recording in the studio I usually take a few hotdog sandwiches or a bag of crisps. And a bottle of wine for the spiritual inspiration ha.

EricM1: Whats your favorite train model? And do you travel with the train often? (Phochos is a model railway enthousiast check his youtube channel for some cool videoclips of his trainsets


Phochos: The dutch trains are my favorite, the "hondekop" and the "muizenkop". I also like the Wadloper (a Diesel locomotive). I never travel with the train or bus because I get sick. Thats why I have my electric car.

Unknown: Which Synthesizer would you like to bring with you if you would travel into space with a spaceshuttle?

Phochos: I think the Korg Monotribe, its small and with some headphones I can be entertained for hours.

Shadowwolf: Thank you Jos aka Phochos for your time!

Phochos: No problem


It can be difficult to get a clear picture of Phochos's music because there is so much you simply can't see the trees through the forest (or the other way around). You might end up at some weird vocal trance album, thinking it all sounds like that and missing out on some truly essential raw ambient stuff!

Phochos's bandcamp page lists almost a hundred albums at the time of writing but this is constantly changing: releases and tracks are shifted over the place all the time and every week albums are deleted and new ones creep up ...check it out on


To get some direction in this giant maze of music we devised this list of essential classic Phochos tracks:

The Lunar Rills and Mountains

Pulsating in slow movements, like an ancient exotic dance this track takes the listener to zero gravity floating over the moon of planet Phochos

(From the album: Asimov Rising AT Heinlein Point, Orion Records)


Mindsearch's Revenge - Ordovicium

Starting out as an off the map Summer Madness soundwave it slowly transforms into a ***very*** weird but enchanting Conan The Barbarian meets the AMIGA populous soundtrack, but not for long as we end up at a crystal beach with cybernetic early 90s seagulls finishing in a rocky coastline lighthouse with a cosey biosphere-esque glow. *** Essential TRIP material ***


Point of Equinox

The soundtrack of a rainy tropical thunderstorm with DRAMATIC HEAVY strings crisp, slightly descending into a pool of psychotic tension, but then always released by the powerful flash of lightning that is Phochos's luminary tonal structure.



Autechre meets Popul Vuh, submerging the soul of the listener in waves of ever so pleasant cadences.

(From the album: Annee Republicain Orion Records 1997)



Full on 70s Italian style epic cosmic synth disco, very much with a similar vibe as automat's - The Rise and Genius

(From the Tale of Two Cities album 2003, Orion Records)


SuperNova, New Stars

Driving high tension NRG with the typical Phochos Microkorg choir sounds

(Creation 2002 Orion Records)


The Crystal Sun

Supercool baroque space disco techno spiced up with some rare phochos vocals This would be an excellent backing track for a vintage TROS ter land ter zee & in de lucht episode (with jack van gelder) (This doesn't make any sense if you are not familiar with dutch TV which is a good thing I reckon)

(Out of Time, Orion Records)


UPDATE: I wrote this like 3 weeks ago and in the meanwhile Phochos produced a few more albums, definitely check out these:

Twenty Nine Years


The W.A.H sessions Volume 2




Written by S.Hadow Wolf


On 12th of January the official Richie Hawtin Facebook site apparently placed a message by Richie himself that stated the following:

I am getting sick of all the big fancy overcrowded expensive places. I feel like I'm starting to rot deep inside, like I've lost a part of me in a backstage at some huge music festival. I want to return to the roots of techno parties, to the very underground. I've heard that my colleague DJ TLR is playing at Drugstore Beograd for the second time. That inspired me. I want to play there too. I want to play at as many Boileroom-ish clubs as I can I want KC Drugstore to be a starting point for the new chapter in my carrier (SIC)

A gulf of speculation ensued and the message got around 2000 likes before it disappeared without a trace from the site leaving many Richie Hawtin devotees puzzled about Richie's mental health. The more informed cyberpunk hackers among us are of course aware of Facebooks complete lack of security; even your mum can hack it after reading a 5 minute infomercial how to do this!

It would be fun to see Richie play his timeless classics such as F.U.S.E or Plastikman at the KC Beograd. This is one of the cooler clubs in Serbia booking a surplus of real freaky international artists such as TRAXX, TLR, Orgue Electronique among many others.


E.V.P Stands for Electronic Voice Phenomena: strange unexplained sounds which sometimes manifest in the background noise of an audio recording. Sounds that are like voices...voices from the DEATH...spirits, ghosts, otherworldly beings or maybe even ancient demonic creatures.

First discovered with the advent of home tape recording in the mid 20th century, it was the Latvian parapsychologist Konstantin Raudive who started to research this phenomena in a more proper fashion. He recorded over 100000 tapes, tested hundreds of people and became obsessed with the voices.

All this resulted in the first book about E.V.P called "unhorbares wird horbar" (1968 The unheard becomes heard in german) this book was later translated in English in its more known title "Breakthrough"(1971)

Whether this is real or not it makes for an interesting and fascinating hobby. On rainy Sunday afternoons it can be a sinister yet exciting activity to embark on with your offspring. Go to your local neolithic ruins or abandoned church yard for some traumatizing and haunting adventure. A way better past time then watching soccer, which is a waste of time anyways.

So how does this work? You just get a tape recorder with a microphone, put in a cassette tape, go to a place where the border between this and the other world is thin...press the record button, ask some questions and record the silence for a few minutes. Then you go back home and start analyzing your recording for the E.V.P voices.

Here is a step by step guide:

What you need:

- Portable (desktop) cassette recorder

One that runs on batteries and you can carry around. Like a Sony Cassettecorder or Radioshack Desktop Cassetterecorder (They still sell them for around 40 $), chances are extremely high you will find one at your local thrift store/swapmeet for next to nothing. These almost always have microphones build in so you won't need one, if it doesn't have a build in mic you need to get a microphone too. Of course you can also use a tapedeck but these things aren't very portable since you need to be connected to the electricity mains etc.

- Batteries (For the cassette recorder)

- A cassette tape (normal type)

Some stores still sell new TYPE I Normal cassette tapes, else check your local thrift store they always have boxes full of old cassettetapes. And yes we need cassette tape you can't do EVP on digital recorders or DAT TAPE or MiniDisc...Ghosts don't do digital (yet)even lam3rs know that! Only tape has the interdimensional entropy of the magnetic particles going on which is essential for this endeavor! Also the crappier and older the tape; the better because it will be noisier and the more noise the better chance of receiving E.V.P's, In essence more noise = more bandwidth to receive them.

- Headphones

- Computer with Audio editing software (Like the free Audacity for PC and MAC or Audiomaster on the Amiga)

- A Sinister place to record

- A Quiet place to listen

Pack some snacks and drinks and off you go to your sinister place to record your E.V.Ps.You can also do it in your house, but be warned if you do get some voices it might freak you out living there.

Feel out your sinister location a bit and find a good spot to stand. Press record on the recorder and start asking some questions. A good first thing to say is something along the lines of "Are there any spirits here that wish to communicate?" so we got the vibe going on a bit. Other things you can ask "Who are you" "Where are you" "Give us a sign" you get the picture...

you can make it more freaky and eerie by summoning evil dark forces using a spell, like "scire facias caeca magnum malum vires nostras dimensionem" (at your own risk, I am not responsible if you get posesed!)

Now just record for a few minutes in silence, make sure you stand perfectly still so you wont record any crackle from your clothing or footsteps etc. You can keep asking questions occasionally so you have some reference points in your recording. Repeat this in a few different places at the location. If you have like 20 to 30 minutes in total you should have enough material to work with. (If you have not attention span 5 minutes will do too)

Now go back home take a blunt drink some tea chill out and prepare your mind for some in depth audio analysis.

Connect the audio output of your tape recorder to the audio input of your computer. Run your audio editing software and record your tape into the program. Start listening closely to your recording, if you hear any strange artifacts highlight them for closer examination, magnify them, change the volume, Pitch it up or down, filter/Equalize it until the artifacts become clearer and you might actually hear a voice saying something.

Send your EVP recordings in MP3 file format to: editor [a.t] shadowwolf.net and we try to include them in the next issue of this e-zine, please also give any extra info such as location, history or anything else you think matters.

Summoning of the (Evil) Spirits:

If you want to get shit real freaky and scary stuff try to use these ancient spells:

Notum fac nos errantes animas inferni (Medieval Alchemists spell)

A Aru Ab saga Gigm Xul (Ancient Summerian spell) *** Extremely Dangerous ***

written by



A school report about Memphis rap by Clendon Toblerone, age 13,6th grade

Think over the top OMINOUS John Carpenter basslines, more tape smudge and obscurity then all minimal wave records in history, enchanting inspiring melodies and pure unadulterated poetry

Unknown to the large public and mostly forgotten, Memphis RAP is a truly unique rap/hiphop style that originated out of Memphis, Tennessee during the early 90s.

The sound is extremely dark and electronic sometimes even bordering to the UK IDM sound. Best described as a slow electro style somewhat similar to the 1999 Orgue Electronique The Eye That Never Sleeps album combined with an Eazy E NWA vibe mixed with raw synthetic soundtracks from the 1980s.

In contrast to normal rap and hiphop the sampling of soul & RnB records is rare and the genre shines in mostly original produced tracks with thick synthetic John Carpenter style bass lines and mesmerizing hypnotic melodies. The drummachine of choice was the BOSS DR660 with its snappy lo-fi snares and build in synthbass sounds. If sampling occurs it is mostly from (horror)soundtracks and other (Memphis) rap tracks.

Particular are the raps with unique tongue twisting telling the heroic stories of gangsters and their crime antics. Occult demon stuff, witchcraft and worship of weed are also common subjects in the lyrics.

Some tracks don't even have raps but a few sampled snippets that keep repeating like a mantra for a drug crazed hazy lifestyle of crime. (S.V.P Click's - Time To Hit the Dope Hoe for example which could be mistaken for an early Aphex Twin track at times)

Vinyl releases were almost non existent in this scene, mixtapes on cassettes and CD's were the media of choice.

The golden years of Memphis rap were probably from 1992 till around 1995 when the sound had a unique rawness created by lo-fi tape recordings, cheap MIDI equipment and the genius production skills of Tommy Wright III, DJ Sound, DJ Spanish Fly, DJ Paul and Lord Infamous. Sadly the style watered down as many artist went on to record other styles of rap music. Memphis Rap would evolve into Horror-core rap and together with Miami Bass it also lay the the foundation for Crunk music in the 1990s.

A small Memphis rap influenced scene blossomed in Finland and still survives today with artists like Evil Stoo, Kuksokuu, DJ Kridlokk and others.

Written by Clendon Toblerone

(Legend has it that Clendon was expelled from School and taken into custody after writing this)



(downloadable/playable on http://www.legowelt.org)


XENOLOGY:the study of extraterrestrial life, intelligence and civilization.

Introduction to Reptoids by Myster E.Mallik

Transdimensional beings are among us. These are ancient creatures which inhabited the earth long before humans. These beings have mastered the concepts of physics, magick, advanced technologies which humans cannot comprehend at this time. The reptoids are from the lower fourth density, but often dwell in the human perceived 3 dimensional reality. Reptoids are inherently evil and malicious creatures, whose aim is to control and enslave humans, diminishing their lifeforce and psychic powers as much as possible. They aim to keep the vibration of earthly humans as low as possible, in order to keep them enslaved in an energy prison for as long as possible.

They have infiltrated the highest positions of power amongs human system such as healthcare, food industry, media outlets, governments, pharmaceutical companies etc. and have been injecting their venomous agendas into the policies of these institutions. They use these outlets to manipulate, control, poison, brainwash human beings into a passive, submissive, zombie-like state with no genuine free will, high vibratory emissions or enlightened states.

Because of their advanced knowledge and highly evolved states they have mastered the ability of shapeshifting into human form. They've also mastered the art of human manipulation through words and body language, milking the trait of charisma to win over followers in their personality cults in political figures, actors, lawyers, people in positions of power etc.

Just as humans thrive in certain physical conditions (weather, people, surroundings) these creatures thrive in the condition of humanity's lower vibrational states, particularly when they are emitting emotions such as fear, terror, sadness or anguish. The reptoids literally feed off these types of emotional energies. This is one of the reason why the media visual projections are filled with images of sheer terror and anguish in an attempt to cultivate a "culture of fear"

These things are fully aware of the fact that the nature of their existence must remain veiled in secrecy, or else their tight grip of control will surely be loosened as humans start to revolt against them. They have gone to great lengths to prevent the people from figuring out about their existence. However many people have figured it out - either by tapping into the multiple videos of shapeshifters on youtube or various researchers, channelers, lightworkers, psychics or witnesses who have decided to share their knowledge with books, articles and videos.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for them to hold this human form. The human host in which they are inhabiting may have been a normal human at one point, with an agreeable amount of reptilian blood allowing an easier possesion.

The earths vibration has been slowly ascending over the past few years and the reptoids are finding these conditions unideal for their existence. Because of this more and more people have been seeing these distorting faces, bizarre morphing of matter that before would only seem possible in the special effects of a movie. These distorted glitches in the 3D matrix aren't easily spottable by the common inattentive man, one has to have sharp visual focus and an open mind to perceive this event. It looks very much like poor compression glitches in digital video, which is why many people are so quick to dismiss the thousand of videos showcasing the shape-shifting beings as poor video quality/compression errors etc.

Thousands of people have however witnessed the distorting beings in real life, and the number of people has been growing daily.

Much before video/film technology was even invented, did people attempt to draw the distorting beings, drawings which look identical to the videos of shapeshifters and numerous witness accounts.

At this point, the main things to do are to start spreading awareness as to the existence and agenda of these creatures, and to attempt to aid others to the path of enlightenment , self awareness and personal vibratory ascension. Once people start opening their minds and accepting the true nature of our world, then and only then will a change be able to take place, and will people be able to take place, and be able to get back into alignment with their true selves and their true wills, empowered in mind body and spirit form.

Ways to raise your vibration:

Becoming in touch with ones innerself and true feelings takes a great deal of practice and will power. As a start, it is important to write in a diary or journal daily, reflecting on your feelings. What emotions are currently inhabiting your mind and body? What are some things that could help you improve these emotions? Do not sugarcoat anything or write what you think is socially acceptable. Get deep and real with the raw state of being which you are undergoing. Get into the habit of expressing your true emotions rather then repressing them, both to yourself (in journals/Thoughts) and to other people. Make it your life's mission to strive for truth and essentially to "keep it real"




A Videogame review by Trollius Magnus-Basketcase

PSIONIC ACADEMY (49 $ cassette / disk / Joystick / Mind Control)

"In parapsychology, PSI is the purported process of information transfer or energy transfer in extrasensory perception or Psychokinesis that is unexplained in terms of known physical or biological mechanisms. The term is derived from the Greek letter PSI...the 23rd letter of the Greek alphabet...from the greek psyche "Mind, Soul".

In this exciting new title from Pacific Micro International software you enlist at the PSIONIC ACADEMY (A.K.A: PSI Academy): A hi-tech E.S.P. research center, much like those mysterious futuristic science buildings you always see in 1980s science sci-fi movies (Brainstorm, Demon Seed etc.)

The game begins with a bus dropping you off in front of the building you move your little sprite man around with the joystick to the entrance of the building. The screen changes to the inside of the building. You have to walk your sprite man to the desk to sign in and fill in a form with your name, age, gender, occupation and education. After this you walk your little sprite man to the elevator where after you can freely roam around in the building. You will visit various research/test rooms where you can test your P.S.I skills. There are 7 rooms in total:

on the 2nd floor:

Room 1: Telepathy - The Von Ganzfeld Experiment: For this experiment you have to put two halved ping pong balls over your eyes (Included in the box!). The screen will turn red and a white noise drone is played on the background. You have to put your head as close as possible to the screen to, in theory, reduce your ordinary sensory input and enhance your PSI conductive state. According to the manual the computer will send certain messages to you during this time of sensory deprivation. After half an hour the computer will ask you what messages you received, if you type them in correctly you will prove your PSI POWERS! In the half hour I had to endure this torturous endavour I had intense visions of firetrucks and strawberry Kitkat bars. None of these subjects were transmitted by the computer and I failed this test 100% (what the computer DID transmit is unknown...I am pretty sure the program doesn't do anything else then show you a red screen with some white noise)

Room 2: Clairvoyance - The Zener Card Experiment: This is an experiment with 5 different cards, you probably have seen these in movies while they do experiments on psychic monkeys, they have the following symbols on them;

(A circle, cross, waves, a hollow square and a star)

The computer will shuffle 5 of each randomly (25 in total) and lay them out inside its memory concealed to you. You will have to guess which cards the computer shuffled in a row of 5. With the joystick you select your guess... I had chosen + ≈ o o + and to my surprise I wasn't far off from what the computer had shuffled ≈[] + o ≈ ! That means I was correct on one position, a stunning 20% score! I might have PSIONIC powers after all!

on the 3rd floor:

Room 3: Exorcism Test: This room has a small arcade sequence were you have to fight off a demonic creature using certain spells and herbs this together with room 6, is the only place in the game where you can actually die and get a game over. If you win you get 100% exorcism skills.

Room 4: Remote Viewing - Fernwahrnehmung / Stargate Experiment: In this experiment the computer will ask you to get a notepad and pencil (Not included in the box!). While the screen is flashing green, blue and orange the computer "transmits"an image to your mind. You will get 20 seconds to draw this image on the notepad. After the 20 seconds the computer will reveal the image subject on screen. You have to manually enter if you drew the right thing....either completely correct 100%, sort of vaguely correct 50% or not correct at all 0%. You can ofcourse cheat by always saying 100% but this will give you bad karma, according to the computer instructions!

Room 5: Psychokinesis - moving an object with the mind: The screen changes to black with a bright yellow ball in the middle. You gotta use your mind-powers to move the ball to the right or left of the screen, the further you can move it the more freakier you are. The ball didn't move at all and I tried hard, I am pretty sure this screen just prints the ball in the middle without any mind reading algorhithms in the code!

Room 6: Levitation - your little sprite man is in the middle of the room and you gotta make him levitate and move him from location A to B using the joystick. The force of gravity is strong but can be overcome through fast joystick-eye-coordination. The walls and ceiling are electrified so if you touch those its game over! If you land your sprite man on location B you will be rewarded with 100% levitation powers!

Room 7: Theta Range Cymatic Brainwave Hypnosis: The computer will hypnotize you to have an out of body experiences. Look at the screen while the colors and tones pulsate in the Theta range frequency range putting you in a Hypnogagic state; the mental state that is right on the brink between being awake and being asleep, a key factor in having out of body experiences. I didn't leave my body but dozed off in a pleasant state. I woke up after 8 hours with the commodore 64 keys imprinted on my forehead. I recommend this for insomniacs.

When you are done visiting all rooms you can go to the debriefing room (number 8) where you will get your final test results. You can print this out on your printer and get a "Certificate of PSIONIC-ness" with an official seal from PACIFIC MICRO INTERNATIONAL.


Despite its dubious vaporware & cargo cult programming vibes this program truly tantalizes the mind...I will keep on trying till my PSI powers work! Absolutely stunning...a huge leap in Commodore 64 coding! 90%


A Mythical creature known in many North American native cultures, it is a magnificent giant bird with supernatural powers and a sign of power and strength. It can create thunderstorms while it flies by flapping its enormous wings.

Thunderbirds are known to be shapeshifters, they can turn into human beings and even mingle with them and get married and start families.

It is believed that some remote families in the northern desolate parts of Vancouver Island were among these Thunderbird Human hybrids.

Tribes coming from the southern part trying to bully them and rob them from snacks were slaughtered mercilessly by the Thunderbird shapeshifters.


Some hot tips for electronic music producers:


Get a cheap Behringer ultra tremolo pedal, this is a pedal that does a LFO effect over the volume of the audio you put through and has a bunch of different LFO waves. Just connect it to your synthesizer (Synth out - > tremolo pedal -> mixer/whatever) and hey there you go:you basicly got a new LFO that can do all kinds of cool tricks over volume. Leaving the synthesizers internal LFO's free to do other stuff!

You can of course use any other tremolo pedal but the Behringer is the cheapest (21 euros) and has cool waveforms like a square one so you can get those trippy ambient arpeggio like effects.

You can do this "trick" too with a Vibrato pedal, this will create an "extra LFO" over pitch. The Behringer Ultra Vibrato only has a sine wave however, if there is a vibrato pedal that has a square wave that can modulate the sound deep enough you can get crazy arpeggio like effects in theory. I am not sure though if any vibrato pedals with square waves exist?!



For this you will need a tape or cassetterecorder with pitch control, this is not really that common but with a few trips to different thriftstores or swapmeets you should be able to score one of those. There should be knob somewhere that sais "pitch" with + and - which you can turn.

This is a good trick to "warm" and put tape sound over a a digital computer recording. Take the tapedeck with pitch and connect it to your computer audio card. Open the wav/AIFF or whatever you have in an audio editor, select the track and pitch everything up The more you pitch your stuff up the more lo-fi the end result will be. Now record the computer audio on the tape (with the pitch on normal speed). Rewind the tape put the pitch down roughly at the pitch were the recorded computer audio is at its normal speed again...the tape sound should be really heavy smirched with all the high frequencies dissapeared and a real swampy low end heavy sound... record this into the computer and hey presto: magic badass smudged tape sound!



Are you stuck making melodies? Step out and use some exotic scales!

If u are new to music notes, u don't need to learn to read notes, just know which keys are which. Each octave consist of these 12 notes:

The notes with # are the black notes

Some scales you can use:

Japanese / In Sen Scale

C C# F G a# C2

Arabic Shahnaz Scale

D S# F# G A A# C2# D2

Romanian Minor Scale (gypsy melancholy)

C D# F# G A A# C2

Chinese Scale:

C E F# G B C2

Some more scales in the next issue!


And here is a HOT tip from our Swedish connection DATA THOR:


Certain handicap bathrooms in Sweden are equipped with an ALARM which you can press if you happen to end up on the floor for whatever reason.

This alarm is sometimes triggered by an external trigger box, which is hooked up to the alarm via a normal guitar jack. If you hook this trigger up to, say the SH-101 EXT CLK IN, suddenly you can hand crank your arpeggios, adding some sweet sweet FUNK DRAMA to the mix.

It looks something like this:

Addendum: It is of course wrong and immoral to steal, especially from the handicapped, so make sure that nobody sees you.

(EDITORs note: technically you won't be stealing FROM handicapped but yeah the owner of SHADOW WOLF does not propegate stealing alarm buttons from handicapped toilets you can probably buy it for 20 swedish Kroner at the Swedish toilet store or NOS stock from SAAB factory)



Here are some fancy new words for you to make you look smart:

Hypnic Jerk - involuntary twitch that occurs when you start falling asleep

Syrinx - Rock Cut Tunnel, Pipes of Pan (And also a dutch synthesizer from

Synton from 1983)

Lecanoscopy - Starring at a pool of water as means of self-hypnosis

Mystagogue - One who, in the role of adept, initiates a neophyte into an

esoteric or occult teaching or practice

Weretiger - In traditional Malaysian folk belief, a man who is capable of

transforming himself into a tiger. The local expression for this

manifestation of lycanthropy is Jadi-Jadian.

Lycanthropy - The magical ability to assume the form and characteristics of a wolf

in folklore. It can also mean the delusion that one has become or

assumed the characteristics of a wolf or other animal.

Necyomancy - Divination by summoning Satan

Phochology - The Study and categorization of Phochos related music

Sigmoid - S Shaped

Azymous - Unleavened

Mesonoxian - of or related to midnight

Occultation - Concealing of one heavenly body by another



In this idiosyncratic world it seems to be a barren desert for good movies. Most films today are made for people with an IQ lower then 100 (which is probably most of the population especially in Holland were caucasian low class white people inbreeding is resulting in deepfried cheesebrain beings)

Will we ever conquer the galaxy if grown up men are watching Transformers 2 or Jackass 2532 babies in foodprocessors? Don't worry the Order of The Shadow Wolf will guide you through this barren desert of culture and give you some good movie tips:

Rating system:

CANNIBAL MAN (La semana del asesino)

1973 Spain, dir. Eloy de la Iglesia

superfreaky dreamy early 70s spanish art house thriller (not at all a cheap slasher gore flick as they try to exploit it under using the CANNIBAL MAN name!). A friendly honest man kills a taxi driver by accident. From here he descends into a spiral of carnage and a strange sensual laden friendship with his neighbor. Add to that a brooding desperation feel of the last days of the Franco dictatorship and sinister camera work…you can almost smell the sweat and feel the heath from the screen!

(Trollius Magnus-Basketcase)


1976 USA dir. Roman Polanski

This was the third movie in Polanski's "apartment" trilogy (Repulsion and Rosemary's baby are the other two). This one is pretty unknown for some reason but its hell of GOOD. Starting almost as a light romcom with Polanski himself as the clumsy awkward mousy Trelkovsky renting a new appartment in Paris. He soon finds out that the previous owner (Egyptologist Simone Choule) tried to commit suicide and is acutally still alive in the hospital. From here it unfolds into one of the scariest brooding movies ever made about mental disintegration. Made extra intense with the sublime soundtrack by Phillipe Sarde. For me - this IS polanski's ultimate MASTERPIECE!




1989 USA dir. John McBride

Shot on a budget of 400$ on Super VHS this actually made the video rental distribution in the early 1990s. Considered to be a "Z-movie" (the lowest denominator type of movie, no-budget and qualities lower then B and C movies) its actually a surprisingly fun and bareable to watch. This is mostly due to the fun characters and overall "jovial" atmosphere. Three kids have to stay at home while their dad goes on a business trip. Their aunt, a religious mean extremist is babysitting them under a strict authoritarian rule. Fortunately there is a brand new Woodchipper in the garden...!!! The soundtrack is made by Jon McBride himself on a cheap homekeyboard like it should!


(S.Hadow Wolf)


SEND IN MESSAGE (IN DUTCH) from Judas Goldstein regarding the BUNKER party

at WORM Rotterdam 14th of February:

Over 'quantum-mechanics'

En 'social-engineering'

In 't eeuwig 'Chiaroscuro'

Der 'Novus Ordo Templorum'

'WORM' Rotterdam presenteert op vrijdag 14 februari 2014 een hele nacht lang vol organisch-industriele intensiteit, een 'plethora' aan 'subliminal stimulation' en velerlei andere soorten vervorming der humanoide werkelijkheidsbeleving met een speciale vertegenwoordiging van artiesten die allen hun traumatiserende kraamkamer hebben gekend in het inmiddels al ruim 20 jaar internationaal-notoire 'Laboratorium voor Behaviouristisch Primaten-Onderzoek' van'BUNKER / PANZERKREUZ RECORDS' te Den Haag. Mag ik bij deze uw alchemisten voor de nacht voorstellen?

IAN MARTIN - Daar ter plaatse zullen zijn alle 'vrije' vogels vleugellam, zal ons eigen 'haruspex', 'welwillend' en 'sjocheet' als hij nu eenmaal is, voor 't omineus orakel wederom zijn favoriet Japans en scherpstgeslepen messenset ter hand en ore moeten nemen. De diertjes zullen er niets van merken, 't doet alleen maar héél véél pijn.

SANTA CRUZ DE GUERRA - Voor de broodnodige liefdevolle tuchtiging der oh, zo verwende jeugd van tegenwoordig middels het dwingen van zweep, zaag, vloed, beving en snij-gereedschap, ietwat grof en fel van leer wellicht, doch uiterst heilzaam efficient. Heus, 't zal een ieder goed doen.

HELLBOII - Welaan, nu Gij! Voorwaar, ik zeg U! Voor wreedste waan en paranoia, in hoogste staten zo paraat, van bewustzijn, van Leven, van Liefde, 'van Violet en van de Dood'.

ELEC PT.1 - Tegen wil en dank het 'Ostfront' des ondanks verdedigend met helse zware machinerie tegen de woeste horden die, wat lullig voor 'm, ditmaal uit het Westen komen, een poetisch verloren achterhoedegevecht, een dolkstoot in de rug, tsja, heldendom is uitzichtloos en tragisch, maar komt immer gracieus ten val in eigen 'Villa Wahnfried'.

SPARKWAVE - Een genadeloze huurling uit grensgebied zo grauw, maar dan zulk één vrijwilliger uit die ándere zo door en door geperverteerde Hoofdstad der Geheim-Occulte Machten, 'Hydra' der wanhoop, een totaal controle-verlies over lichamelijke en geestelijke integriteit, 'NON HABEAS CORPUS', 'deconstructie', 'deprogrammering', 'the minimum for the maximum' ten top ener allerbruinste hongerwinter, des Heeren Engel schaart, oh, Hemelwacht der Heirescharen, hunner veldtocht zaliger 'bis am Ende der Welt, denn Schoenheit gibt's nur im Kampf'.

SCHMERZLABOR - En na de loutering, verlies van knullig Ego, het Licht? In innigste omstrengeling verkerend met de 'Zwarte Moeder Gods'? Van Woord dat Wet is, en zuiver Liefde? Maar hebt dán toch uwer vijanden lief! Die donkere kamer heeft toch niet voor niets vier hoeken? Hoe moet je in Godsnaam anders weten wie jijzelve dan wel bent? En waarlijk Kennis hebben en 'kennis geven', van Goed, van Kwaad? En 'in Wederopstanding, oh, Wonder der Vleeswording naar den Vleze gaand', zal de warme gloed der Nieuwe Dageraad 'tot één Vlees zijn' en 'rijzen aan Zonnespant des Hemels Zwerk'.

En Gij, 'Mannen des Bloeds', wijkt van mij!



Last but not least a section devoted to the noble lost cause of poetry.

"Are You Being Served" A poem by Trollius Magnus-Basketcase january 2014

are you being served

socks on the third floor

pots on the fourth

train sets on the fifth

are you being served

I work at the department store

day in day out

I take the subway every morning

in my miserable life

and help all these humans

with their greedy little brats

School supplies

You need some ties

we sell the worlds best pencil

Let him stick it in his eye

so he doesn't have to go school

for a few weeks

but he will be blind for the rest of his life

and don't see depth

but thats not so bad

as long as he got his balls

Are you being served

socks on the third floor

pot on the fourth

real smooth velvet couch lock

u want some for your little brat

he will start to smoke it anyways

you don't think so uh

cocaine crack meth they got it all

at your kids school

outside on the play ground

Are you being served

I am telling you the truth

whambhang thank you mam

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